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London based Diplomacy’s eclectic mix of original jazz, soul and blues, with elements of funk, afro-jazz, afro-Cuban, rhythm and blues and rock and roll thrown in, defies categorisation. Bob, Jules, Mike and Simon met in 2004 while studying for the Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music at Goldsmiths College run by Roger Cawkwell.

They enjoyed making music together so much that they were compelled to form the band. Bob’s brother Mick was recruited on bass and after various personnel changes Daliah joined on vocals in 2008 and the like-minded Andrey and Victor were recruited to complete the rhythm section. It is the wide diversity of backgrounds and musical tastes (from George Jones to John Coltrane), combined with excellent musicianship, that makes Diplomacy so special. With composing and arranging duties shared across the original six members, the only rule is ‘if we enjoy playing it, the audience will enjoy listening to it.’